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HOM (an abbreviation for Healthcare Operations Management) started as a small United States Managed Care Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) project in BluOne in 2016. We grew from 5 people in the first year to 50+ by year three to 200+ in the fifth year offering end-to-end RCM services to over 250 healthcare providers.

As we grew in size, we also grew in our offerings. The sophistication in our processes also increased as we realised early on the need to deeply integrate technology in our services.

Ironically, as the healthcare industry grows leaps and bounds with research, entrepreneurship, and policy, more providers focus on empathy and value-based care for their patients. We prefer to remain agile, distributed, and always pushing the envelope of our capabilities. Our best impact, therefore, has been on small and medium businesses, helping them cut costs, build value and achieve their most critical business objectives faster and more efficiently.

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HOM is a part of a multinational ecosystem of conscious, people-first process-next businesses.

We like people to grow with us, and we go the extra mile to provide our teams with an experiential learning, a delightful experience, and all other means necessary for them to grow not just as professionals but as human beings. Our teams are built on mutual respect that recognizes and promotes talent.

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HOM is a part of a multinational ecosystem of conscious, people-first process-next businesses.

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Mugdha Misri, CEO

As CEO of HOM Mugdha Misri works closely with external and internal clients as well as the in-house teams, driving and delivering customer requirements, taking care of operations, and steering the organization. She envisions an organization where talent is automated: an organization that runs on conscious capitalism and also conscious-driven people. Mugdha holds a masters in Mechanical Engineering from Gannon University, Pennsylvania. With an overall experience of more than 30 years in engineering companies like Halliburton, Stewart & Stevenson, and GE, she is skilled at managing client relationships, end-to-end supply chain solutions, strategic planning, and business development for diverse industries.

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We believe in excellence and exist to help
create a positive impact in the world.

55% of our profits are committed to the Auromir Foundation of Integral Learning and  Auroveda Foundation, both not-for-profit ventures working at the grassroots level towards the development and empowerment of underprivileged women and children in India.