Meet the Leadership

Anirudh Chakravartty

As an executive director of HOM, Anirudh is involved in strategic thinking, exponential growth of the ecosystem, research and development, technology improvement, and building cliental relationships and networks.

Anirudh firmly believes people and work need to be addressed with equal care and respect they deserve. He often says, ‘If you take care of your people, they will take care of you.’ He believes in the growth of the associates across Maslow’s hierarchy.

To scale is important for every business but to grow consciously and with the help of technology in day-to-day operations is a key motivating factor for Anirudh. In this digital age where technology smoothly facilitates operations, Anirudh wants to make the most use of it in solving challenges faced in the Healthcare industry.

Anirudh’s simple theory about being involved in anything and everything he does is because of his deep passion for it. His passion lies in the idea that nothing is perfect and everything has a scope for improvement.

Perpetual action toward improvement and constant striving for excellence keeps him on his toes. Motivating associates and inculcating the idea of brilliance without any compromise is one of the most challenging parts of his job.