Imagine being responsible for the lives of 100,000+ patients

Each day, we work harder, smarter, and dutifully to make sure our patients go home with a smile. The only way we know how to do that is by helping their healthcare providers be more available to them. Each day, therefore, we are morally obliged to free them of administrative hurdles and provide them with right information in the right contexts.

Your attitude to excel and serve
matters more than your degree.

Every person in our team is an integral part of our system and our vision. Our programs for Education, Upskilling, Career Progression, Recreation and Wellness are all designed to help you grow beyond your daily tasks.

Integrity. Mutual Respect.
Equal Opportunities.

Time and again we have pushed our limits and tested our abilities, but never have we or would we break our code of compliances and conduct. We do our best to make our spaces accessible, our work enjoyable, and our growth austere. We believe in excellence and exist only to help create a positive impact in the world.

HOM is a part of a multinational ecosystem of conscious, people-first process-next businesses.

It’s not business to business for us,
but people to people.

Ours is a culture of transparency and mutual respect, and we invest in our peopleas much as we would want them to invest in you.

pradeep kumar yadav

HOM is the best company I’ve ever worked in and I recommend it to everyone in the industry.

Shubham Khanduri

HOM has a very friendly atmosphere at the workplace and it’s one of the best organizations to work in.

Pradyut Changkakoti

HOM is a great company and a very nice workplace. The HR department is very good and I’m very happy with my work profile. Cafeteria and Transport facilities could be improved.

Vijendra Rajput

HOM is an excellent company to work in.

Prateek Pandey

The environment at HOM is great with positive factors like the quality of work, and professionalism and responsiveness of the management.

Priya Singhal

HOM is a very good place to work and learn. The associates get immense opportunities to grow and develop. A few things could enhance the working experience, for instance, a medical room facility for emergency purposes and transport facility for people traveling from far. But overall I’m thankful for the opportunity to work in such a wonderful organization.