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Mugdha Misri

Mugdha Misri



As CEO of HOM, Mugdha Misri works closely with external and internal clients along with the in-house teams, driving and delivering customer requirements, taking care of operations, and steering the organization. She also guides and oversees a team, of about 200 associates, in the field of Revenue Cycle Management for US Healthcare. She envisions an organization where talent is automated: an organization that runs on conscious capitalism and also conscious-driven people.
Mugdha holds a masters in Mechanical Engineering from Gannon University, Pennsylvania. With an overall experience of over thirty years in various engineering companies, she is skilled at managing client relationships, business development, end-to-end supply chain solutions, strategic planning, and business development for diverse industries. At HOM, Mugdha works closely with US Health Care clients in various domains such as coding, CDI, credentialing, contracting, referrals, HEDIS measures, claims, and adjudication, etc

Mugdha puts profuse weight on prioritizing tasks on an incessant to-do list. Her operation management skills encompass the ability to strategize the most important out of the important and deliver with quality and integrity.

She envisions an organization where talent is automated: an organization that not only runs on conscious capitalism but also mindful people who have a sense of ownership, profoundly enjoy their work, and look forward to coming to the workplace.Mugdha believes in building a culture that thrives on gratitude, where hard work rewards and talents nurture each other.

To contribute to the idea of conscious wealth creation - a business beyond capital - enthuses her. Mugdha believes in building an ecosystem where work is principled upon quality, honesty, and integrity.

The intricate, process-driven revenue cycle management in healthcare and working with a diverse team of 250+ people keep her on her toes. Mugdha’s everyday stimulation is to build an automated organization that excels at operations in a competitive market and retains and nurtures good talent.

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