Referrals and Authorization

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HOM helps your team achieve quality scores >99% with its advanced referral management services.


Referrals and Authorization

Referral Management

A referral management system is a unique and powerful tool for health providers to keep track of their patient referrals throughout the care continuum. Its main goal is to improve and streamline communication among primary care physicians, specialists, and patients. Referral is a process of directing the patient to a specialized physician (specialist)/facility by the primary care physician (PCP) for definitive treatment. An efficient referral management process can significantly increase patient retention.

Prior Authorization

Prior authorization (also known as pre-authorization) refers to the process of getting a medical service(s) authorized by the insurance payer. It is a cost-control process by which physicians and healthcare providers obtain advance approval from a health plan before a specific service is delivered to the patient to qualify for payment coverage.


Experience. Expertise. Execution.

Maximizing revenue for the care network by reducing referral leakage.

Assuring compliance by systematic follow-ups, closing gaps in care.

Transparent system leading to high quality metrics.

Focus on high quality patient care.

Minimizing the workflow disruption by selecting the best available PA options.

Minimizing physician time needed in patient assistance process.

Preventing denials related to authorization.


Improve procedural efficiency.

Timely Patient Referral

HOM promotes timely patient referral and ensures follow-ups which are especially challenging in large, complex delivery systems.

Patient Satisfaction

Improved handling of all patient referrals resulting in patient satisfaction, improved access to care, and increased revenue.

Enhance Healthcare Access

HOM helps generate referrals and pre-authorization through calls and portals, ensuring efficient and timely processing of referrals and pre-authorization, minimizing delays in accessing necessary healthcare services.

HOM promotes timely patient referral and ensures follow-ups which are especially challenging in large, complex delivery systems.

As a result, improved handling of all patient referrals increases patient satisfaction, speeds access to care, and increases revenue.

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