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Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI), a process evaluating medical record documentation for completeness and accuracy, ensures a review of a disease process, diagnostic findings, and compliant documentation. CDI programs bridge the gap between clinical documentation and accurate coding.

Accounts Receivable (A/R) Management and Denial Management

HOM’s state-of-the-art CDI solution focuses on improving your MRA compliance. Our improvement specialists team captures specificity and communicates evidence-based advice, improving your outcomes and reimbursements across the care continuum.

Our Tech

Our technology enables seamless operations and improves procedural efficiency reducing processing time by up to 50% and resulting in higher satisfaction.

A robust system to collect, track and maintain data through the latest technology and infrastructure.

All verification and legitimization processes comply with NCQA, URAC, and JCAHO standards.

Highest productivity and quality standards with competitive pricing.

Secure storage of all documents on the client’s server, less chance of a breach.

More acquainted with payor requirements for the credentialing.

Our Edge


Generate up to $0.5M in annual incremental revenue per CDI specialist.


Robust tracking capabilities.


Documentation of HCC/RxHCC codes from multiple sources.


Reduced processing time.


Efficient and enhanced patient care.

Up to





quality and accuracy maintained


24 hr

rapid TAT

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